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I return
Same place
New time
Same space
New light

I return
Head held high
Hands open
I've made it mine
This life
It is mine, this time

Losses and gains
Weakness and strength
Lessons learned
Insight earned
I'm not alone, not anymore

Open my eyes
Breathe in
Close my eyes
Let it all out
Feeling emotions
Knocking at my door
Spiders, they crawl
All throughout, and more

I return
Grateful, unchanged
But simply
As I stretch out
I cry, I breathe,
Honor the past
Moving, in love, with love,
Through love
I return

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She walks towards me
Beautiful, voluptuous
Mind sharp as a knife
Voice sweet as honey
Smooth, perfect
Queen of the Others

They all stare at me
In their perfect stature
Statues, statues
Pictures of perfection
Of all I could be
And all that I am not

I am my own worst enemy
They fuel the fire
Unbeknownst to them
For only they matter
I envy them
I fuck up
They're flawless
As they all stare at me

I can't, they can
I won't, they will
I want, they have
I should, they do
Excuses,  reasons
The picture of sickness, the picture of health
The picture of weakness, the picture of will

The Others, they stare
Their Queen, I'd love to fuck
Be inside her
Ride her
Lick her
Use her
Become her
Be her
For eternity

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My life doesn't "suck"
Nor has my heart been broken
I've not been through hell
Except when my mom died
I have a beautiful family
Luck has been at my side
Yet here I sit
And on my mind, is suicide

Selfish, "you're not the only one"
They say
Loved, I am
By all who matter
But myself
I can think of a thousand ways
That I hate myself
A thousand needles
That slowly kill

Not good enough
Never good enough
Too selfish, too self-less
Heart of a child
Brain of a child
Heart on my sleeve
The unimportant matter
The important, I don't see

I'm lazy, unfit
Lack self-discipline
Spoiled brat
In 28 years,
I've practically learned naught
Nasty and sweet
No in between
Cruel and too kind
Easily hurt
Overly sensitive
I drown in my thoughts
Circling circling
I can't make them stop
So happy, I cry
So angry, I want to die

I try to hate all but all that hate
Is only for myself
I don't want to die
I just want to stop caring
To stop all this hate
If only I cared as I cared for others
A look in her eye, a wandering child
Love in my heart,
I look in broken mirrors
Disappointment is all I see
Disappointment stares back at me

Here's my non-suicide note
I can't go through it with it
But maybe if I die inside
Who knows,
Anyway in the end, we all die
Treading lightly, I walk out
Into the World
Into the World
Weary yet willing
Armed, let's go

Sometimes okay
Here I am
Keeping monsters at bay
Keeping monsters at bay
Telling myself, not to walk away

Parsing through thoughts
What does she think?
What would he do?
It's okay,
They are not after you

If you just walk
If you just talk
If you just breathe
It's easy you see
You have all that you need
To keep the monsters at bay
All you have to do is tell them to
Go. Away.
asi soy yo
beautiful, sweet,
open and free
y siempre sere
at times moody and
emotional and
asi soy yo
i will be singing and dancing
joking and laughing
y siempre sere
like a diamond in the rough
unperfect and edgy
yet i purr like a cat
when you love me
and i love you
and fire prevails
if you hate me
asi soy yo
y siempre sere
inquisitive, curious
social, antisocial
a bird in a flock
a puppy
with love in her eyes
asi soy yo
y siempre sere
simply complex
yet simply feel nothing
asi soy yo
y siempre sere
muerte y viva
sere siempre yo
y asi es
asi soy yo, y siempre sere
so many feelings and thoughts at once, this is a reminder that i am who i am, and that's just how it is
my core, but then everything that surrounds it
down down far down
up up way up
sick of this 
just a matter of time
before the hell and depression ends
before dreams and happiness shoot me up in the sky
so high i disappear
nothing is clear
pictures of happy smiles
pictures of families
while i sit here
smile and nod
on the inside
i scream
on the inside
i die


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